path: root/drivers/media/platform/mtk-vcodec
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-10-05media: mtk-vcodec: MT8173 h264/vp8 encoder min/max bitrate settingsIrui Wang1-3/+3
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: venc: fix return value when start_streaming failsDafna Hirschfeld1-4/+4
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: fix warnings: symbol XXX was not declaredTzung-Bi Shih2-3/+2
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: enable MT8183 decoderYunfei Dong1-0/+5
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: add media device if using stateless apiYunfei Dong2-2/+41
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: support stateless H.264 decodingYunfei Dong4-0/+779
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: support stateless APIYunfei Dong5-4/+434
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: support version 2 of decoder firmware ABIAlexandre Courbot3-9/+42
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: handle firmware version fieldAlexandre Courbot4-2/+29
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: move stateful ops into their own fileYunfei Dong6-681/+750
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: venc: support START and STOP commandsAlexandre Courbot3-8/+140
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: make flush buffer reusable by encoderAlexandre Courbot4-28/+16
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: clamp OUTPUT resolution to hardware limitsAlexandre Courbot1-7/+5
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: use helpers in VIDIOC_(TRY_)DECODER_CMDAlexandre Courbot1-12/+1
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: vdec: Support H264 profile controlHirokazu Honda1-0/+10
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: Add MT8195 H264 venc driverIrui Wang2-0/+14
2021-09-30media: mtk-vcodec: Clean redundant encoder format definitionIrui Wang1-30/+20
2021-06-17media: mtk-vcodec: fix kerneldoc warningsHans Verkuil3-14/+17
2021-06-17media: mtk-vcodec: Support MT8192 H264 4K encodingIrui Wang2-25/+57
2021-06-17media: mtk-vcodec: Add MT8192 H264 venc driverIrui Wang2-0/+15
2021-06-17media: mtk-vcodec: Support 34bits dma address for vencIrui Wang1-0/+3
2021-06-17media: mtk-vcodec: venc: remove redundant codeAlexandre Courbot1-12/+4
2021-05-10media: mtk-vcodec: fix PM runtime get logicMauro Carvalho Chehab3-5/+9
2021-04-06media: mtk-vcodec: Separating mtk encoder driverIrui Wang5-110/+67
2021-03-22media: mtk-vcodec: fix kernel-doc warningsHans Verkuil3-18/+18
2021-03-11media: fix incorrect kernel doc usagesHans Verkuil1-2/+2
2021-01-27media: mtk-vcodec: fix argument used when DEBUG is definedTom Rix1-2/+2
2021-01-27media: mtk-vcodec: Do not zero reserved fieldsRicardo Ribalda2-16/+0
2021-01-27media: mtk-vcodec: Fix order of log argumentsEvan Benn1-6/+6
2021-01-12media: mtk-vcodec: fix error return code in vdec_vp9_decode()Zhang Changzhong1-1/+2
2020-12-01Merge tag 'v5.10-rc6' into patchworkMauro Carvalho Chehab8-173/+257
2020-11-16media: mtk-vcodec: remove allocated dma_parmsHsin-Yi Wang2-16/+2
2020-11-16media: mtk-vcodec: add missing put_device() call in mtk_vcodec_release_enc_pm()Yu Kuai1-0/+2
2020-11-16media: mtk-vcodec: add missing put_device() call in mtk_vcodec_init_enc_pm()Yu Kuai1-7/+19
2020-11-16media: mtk-vcodec: add missing put_device() call in mtk_vcodec_release_dec_pm()Yu Kuai1-0/+1
2020-11-16media: mtk-vcodec: add missing put_device() call in mtk_vcodec_init_dec_pm()Yu Kuai1-6/+12
2020-11-05media: mtk-vcodec: fix build breakage when one of VPU or SCP is enabledAlexandre Courbot2-2/+26
2020-11-05media: mtk-vcodec: move firmware implementations into their own filesAlexandre Courbot8-173/+233
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: make IRQs disabled upon requestAlexandre Courbot2-3/+3
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: fix invalid time per frame in S_PARMAlexandre Courbot1-4/+8
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: set default time per frameAlexandre Courbot1-0/+5
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: support ENUM_FRAMESIZES on OUTPUT formatsAlexandre Courbot1-38/+33
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: use platform data for ENUM_FRAMESIZESAlexandre Courbot1-14/+10
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: set OUTPUT buffers field to V4L2_FIELD_NONEAlexandre Courbot1-0/+9
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc support MIN_OUTPUT_BUFFERS controlAlexandre Courbot1-0/+2
2020-09-26media: Revert "media: mtk-vcodec: Remove extra area allocation in an input bu...Alexandre Courbot1-3/+6
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: add support for MT8183 encoderYunfei Dong2-0/+23
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: specify supported formats per-chipAlexandre Courbot3-75/+95
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: specify bitrate range per-chipAlexandre Courbot3-1/+8
2020-09-26media: mtk-vcodec: venc: handle firmware version fieldAlexandre Courbot4-7/+38

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