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6 daysmedia: rockchip/rga: do proper error checking in probeKyle Copperfield1-1/+1
2021-10-21media: venus: core: Add sdm660 DT compatible and resource structAngeloGioacchino Del Regno1-0/+64
2021-10-21media: venus: vdec: decoded picture buffer handling during reconfig sequenceMansur Alisha Shaik4-2/+60
2021-10-21media: venus: Handle fatal errors during encoding and decodingStanimir Varbanov5-3/+40
2021-10-21media: venus: helpers: Add helper to mark fatal vb2 errorStanimir Varbanov2-0/+13
2021-10-21media: venus: hfi: Check for sys error on session hfi functionsStanimir Varbanov1-0/+46
2021-10-21media: venus: Make sys_error flag an atomic bitopsStanimir Varbanov5-6/+7
2021-10-21media: venus: venc: Use pmruntime autosuspendStanimir Varbanov1-8/+95
2021-10-20media: allegro: write vui parameters for HEVCMichael Tretter2-6/+130
2021-10-20media: allegro: nal-hevc: implement generator for vuiMichael Tretter1-1/+131
2021-10-20media: allegro: write correct colorspace into SPSMichael Tretter2-5/+131
2021-10-20media: allegro: extract nal value lookup functions to headerMichael Tretter5-158/+180
2021-10-20media: allegro: correctly scale the bit rate in SPSMichael Tretter1-1/+2
2021-10-20media: allegro: remove external QP tableMichael Tretter1-2/+0
2021-10-20media: allegro: fix row and column in response messageMichael Tretter1-2/+2
2021-10-20media: allegro: add control to disable encoder bufferMichael Tretter1-2/+30
2021-10-20media: allegro: add encoder buffer supportMichael Tretter3-22/+90
2021-10-20media: allegro: add pm_runtime supportMichael Tretter1-1/+84
2021-10-20media: allegro: lookup VCU settingsMichael Tretter1-0/+7
2021-10-20media: allegro: fix module removal if initialization failedMichael Tretter1-5/+12
2021-10-20media: allegro: ignore interrupt if mailbox is not initializedMichael Tretter1-0/+9
2021-10-19media: imx-jpeg: Add pm-runtime support for imx-jpegMirela Rabulea2-3/+72
2021-10-19media: aspeed: add debugfsJammy Huang1-0/+100
2021-10-19media: rcar-vin: add G/S_PARM ioctlsVladimir Barinov1-0/+21
2021-10-08media: rcar-isp: Add Renesas R-Car Image Signal Processor driverNiklas Söderlund3-0/+532
2021-10-08media: venus: Set buffer to FW based on FW min count requirement.Dikshita Agarwal6-10/+41
2021-10-08media: venus: helpers: update NUM_MBS macro calculationDikshita Agarwal1-2/+2
2021-10-08media: venus: vdec: set work route to fwDikshita Agarwal3-0/+29
2021-10-08media: venus: hfi: Skip AON register programming for V6 1pipeDikshita Agarwal1-0/+4
2021-10-08media: venus: Add num_vpp_pipes to resource structureDikshita Agarwal6-22/+4
2021-10-08media: venus: core: Add sc7280 DT compatible and resource dataDikshita Agarwal1-0/+52
2021-10-08media: venus: firmware: enable no tz fw loading for sc7280Dikshita Agarwal2-11/+33
2021-10-08media: venus: fix vpp frequency calculation for decoderMansur Alisha Shaik1-2/+6
2021-10-08media: venus: vdec: update output buffer size during vdec_s_fmt()Mansur Alisha Shaik1-1/+4
2021-10-08media: venus: helper: change log level for false warning messageMansur Alisha Shaik1-2/+3
2021-10-08media: omap_vout: use dma_addr_t consistentlyArnd Bergmann3-10/+12
2021-10-08media: vsp1: Add support for the V3U VSPDKieran Bingham2-0/+13
2021-10-08media: vsp1: Simplify DRM UIF handlingKieran Bingham1-2/+6
2021-10-08media: vsp1: Fix WPF macro namesKieran Bingham3-7/+7
2021-10-08media: imx-jpeg: Remove soft reset between frames encodingMirela Rabulea1-5/+4
2021-10-08media: imx-jpeg: Fix occasional decoder fail on jpegs without DHTMirela Rabulea1-0/+17
2021-10-08media: imx-jpeg: Fix possible null pointer dereferenceMirela Rabulea1-0/+4
2021-10-05media: mtk-vcodec: MT8173 h264/vp8 encoder min/max bitrate settingsIrui Wang1-3/+3
2021-10-05media: rcar-vin: add GREY formatVladimir Barinov2-0/+19
2021-10-05media: rcar-csi2: Serialize access to set_fmt and get_fmtNiklas Söderlund1-2/+9
2021-10-05media: rcar-csi2: Cleanup mutex on remove and failNiklas Söderlund1-5/+9
2021-10-05media: aspeed: refine to avoid full jpeg updateJammy Huang1-1/+16
2021-10-05media: rcar-csi2: Add checking to rcsi2_start_receiver()Nadezda Lutovinova1-0/+2
2021-09-30media: s5p-jpeg: rename JPEG marker constants to prevent build warningsRandy Dunlap2-23/+23
2021-09-30media: atmel: fix the ispck initializationEugen Hristev4-50/+38

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