path: root/drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Make bds_factors_list be type of struct u32_fractAndy Shevchenko4-78/+51
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove atomisp_ospm_dphy_up()/_down() functionsHans de Goede3-48/+12
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove atomisp_ospm_dphy_down() call from probe error pathHans de Goede1-2/+0
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Move calling of css_[un]init() to power_on()/_off()Hans de Goede3-15/+7
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove duplication between runtime-pm and normal-pm codeHans de Goede3-46/+12
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove sw_contex.power_state checksHans de Goede4-72/+43
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove atomisp_css_suspend()/_resume()Hans de Goede3-35/+2
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove clearing of config from atomisp_css_uninit()Hans de Goede1-9/+0
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove atomisp_mrfld_power_down()/_up()Hans de Goede1-17/+5
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove double atomisp_mrfld_power_down()/_up() calls from ato...Hans de Goede3-15/+7
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Drop userptr support from hmmHans de Goede2-66/+7
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove unused ia_css_frame_*() functionsHans de Goede2-195/+0
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove atomisp_css_yuvpp_configure_viewfinder() functionHans de Goede2-30/+0
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove 2 unused accelerator mode related functionsHans de Goede4-38/+0
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Fix deadlock when the /dev/video# node is closed while still ...Hans de Goede1-16/+5
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Log an error on failing to alloc private-memHans de Goede1-0/+1
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Flush queue on atomisp_css_start() errorHans de Goede1-1/+3
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove unused QOS defines / structure memberHans de Goede3-12/+1
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove accelerator pipe creation codeHans de Goede8-709/+6
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Silence: 'atomisp_q_one_s3a_buffer: drop one s3a stat which h...Hans de Goede1-2/+1
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove __atomisp_get_pipe() helperHans de Goede1-94/+4
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Make atomisp_g_fmt_cap() default to YUV420Hans de Goede1-1/+1
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Fix atomisp_try_fmt_cap() always returning YUV420 pixelformatHans de Goede1-0/+7
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Refactor atomisp_adjust_fmt()Hans de Goede1-22/+1
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Fix VIDIOC_REQBUFS failing when VIDIOC_S_FMT has not been cal...Hans de Goede2-3/+24
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Make it possible to call atomisp_set_fmt() without a file handleHans de Goede3-4/+11
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Convert to videobuf2Hans de Goede12-791/+303
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Add ia_css_frame_get_info() helperHans de Goede11-123/+124
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Use new atomisp_flush_video_pipe() helper in atomisp_streamoff()Hans de Goede1-38/+2
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Add an index helper variable to atomisp_buf_done()Hans de Goede1-42/+28
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Also track buffers in a list when submitted to the ISPHans de Goede6-54/+72
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Remove unused atomisp_buffers_queued[_pipe] functionsHans de Goede2-19/+0
13 daysmedia: atomisp: On streamoff wait for buffers owned by the CSS to be given backHans de Goede3-24/+21
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Make atomisp_q_video_buffers_to_css() staticHans de Goede2-11/+5
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Add ia_css_frame_init_from_info() functionHans de Goede2-0/+27
13 daysmedia: atomisp: Add hmm_create_from_vmalloc_buf() functionHans de Goede2-13/+39
2022-10-24atomisp: fix potential NULL pointer dereferencesHans Verkuil1-4/+4
2022-10-24media: atomisp: Fix spelling mistake "mis-match" -> "mismatch"Colin Ian King2-3/+3
2022-10-24media: atomisp: Fix spelling mistake "modee" -> "mode"Colin Ian King1-1/+1
2022-09-24media: atomisp: don't store an unused sink data on a varMauro Carvalho Chehab1-5/+3
2022-09-24media: atomisp_gmin_platform: Unexport and split camera_sensor_csi()Andy Shevchenko1-31/+37
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Remove atomisp_source_pad_to_stream_id()Hans de Goede5-54/+29
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Remove const/fixed camera_capsHans de Goede7-263/+17
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Remove unused atomisp_css_get_dis_statistics()Hans de Goede2-18/+0
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Make atomisp_set_raw_buffer_bitmap() staticHans de Goede2-3/+3
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Drop unnecessary first_streamoff checkHans de Goede1-4/+4
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Remove a couple of not useful function wrappersHans de Goede5-38/+12
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Use video_dev.lock for ioctl lockingHans de Goede2-162/+42
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Drop streamoff_mutexHans de Goede4-12/+0
2022-09-24media: atomisp: Rework asd->streaming state update in __atomisp_streamoff()Hans de Goede1-4/+4

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