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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2022-03-18media: Kconfig: cleanup VIDEO_DEV dependenciesMauro Carvalho Chehab1-1/+1
2022-03-07Merge tag 'br-v5.18q' of git://linuxtv.org/hverkuil/media_tree into media_stageMauro Carvalho Chehab1-2/+2
2022-03-07media: hantro: Add support for i.MX8MM Hantro-G1Adam Ford3-0/+14
2022-03-07media: hantro: Allow i.MX8MQ G1 and G2 to run independentlyAdam Ford3-13/+48
2022-02-23media: hantro: sunxi: Fix VP9 stepsJernej Skrabec1-2/+2
2022-01-28media: hantro: jpeg: Remove open-coded size in quantization table codeChen-Yu Tsai1-3/+11
2022-01-28media: hantro: output encoded JPEG content directly to capture buffersChen-Yu Tsai8-87/+34
2022-01-28media: hantro: Implement V4L2_CID_JPEG_ACTIVE_MARKER controlChen-Yu Tsai1-0/+21
2022-01-28media: hantro: jpeg: Add COM segment to JPEG header to align image scanChen-Yu Tsai2-2/+23
2022-01-28media: hantro: jpeg: Add JFIF APP0 segment to JPEG encoder outputChen-Yu Tsai2-9/+14
2022-01-28media: hantro: Support cropping visible area for encodersChen-Yu Tsai4-13/+101
2022-01-28media: hantro: Fix overfill bottom register field nameChen-Yu Tsai2-2/+2
2022-01-23media: hevc: Embedded indexes in RPSBenjamin Gaignard1-19/+6
2022-01-23media: hevc: Remove RPS named flagsBenjamin Gaignard1-1/+1
2021-12-16media: hantro: Add support for Allwinner H6Jernej Skrabec5-1/+102
2021-12-16media: hantro: Convert imx8m_vpu_g2_irq to helperJernej Skrabec3-19/+20
2021-12-16media: hantro: move postproc enablement for old coresJernej Skrabec2-1/+10
2021-12-16media: hantro: vp9: add support for legacy register setJernej Skrabec3-17/+75
2021-12-16media: hantro: vp9: use double buffering if neededJernej Skrabec3-0/+5
2021-12-16media: hantro: add support for reset linesJernej Skrabec2-1/+17
2021-12-16media: hantro: Fix probe func error pathJernej Skrabec1-1/+2
2021-12-14media: hantro: Fix G2/HEVC negotiated pixelformatBenjamin Gaignard5-96/+41
2021-12-07media: hantro: drop unused vb2 headersHans Verkuil1-2/+0
2021-11-30media: hantro: Hook up RK3399 JPEG encoder outputChen-Yu Tsai4-4/+23
2021-11-30media: hantro: Avoid global variable for jpeg quantization tablesJames Cowgill4-29/+16
2021-11-22media: hantro: Support NV12 on the G2 coreAndrzej Pietrasiewicz4-3/+46
2021-11-22media: hantro: Staticize a struct in postprocessor codeAndrzej Pietrasiewicz1-1/+1
2021-11-22media: hantro: Support VP9 on the G2 coreAndrzej Pietrasiewicz11-4/+1594
2021-11-22media: hantro: Prepare for other G2 codecsAndrzej Pietrasiewicz7-31/+48
2021-11-22media: hantro: Rename registersAndrzej Pietrasiewicz2-34/+34
2021-11-22media: hantro: Add quirk for NV12/NV12_4L4 capture formatEzequiel Garcia2-1/+15
2021-11-22media: hantro: Simplify postprocessorEzequiel Garcia5-7/+6
2021-11-22media: hantro: postproc: Introduce struct hantro_postproc_opsEzequiel Garcia6-17/+44
2021-11-22media: hantro: postproc: Fix motion vector space sizeEzequiel Garcia1-3/+4
2021-10-05media: hantro: Auto generate the AXI ID to avoid conflictsBenjamin Gaignard3-2/+5
2021-10-05media: hantro: Constify static struct v4l2_m2m_opsRikard Falkeborn1-1/+1
2021-09-30media: hantro: Fix check for single irqJernej Skrabec1-1/+1
2021-09-30media: hantro: Fix media device bus_info stringMartin Kepplinger1-1/+1
2021-09-30media: hantro: Add scaling lists featureBenjamin Gaignard4-3/+82
2021-07-22media: hantro: Add support for the Rockchip PX30Paul Kocialkowski3-0/+19
2021-07-22media: hantro: Enable H.264 on Rockchip VDPU2Ezequiel Garcia1-1/+25
2021-07-22media: hantro: Add H.264 support for Rockchip VDPU2Jonas Karlman3-0/+493
2021-07-22media: hantro: h264: Move reference picture number to a helperEzequiel Garcia3-12/+15
2021-07-22media: hantro: h264: Move DPB valid and long-term bitmapsEzequiel Garcia3-15/+19
2021-07-22media: hantro: Avoid redundant hantro_get_{dst,src}_buf() callsEzequiel Garcia3-28/+26
2021-07-22media: hantro: Make struct hantro_variant.init() optionalEzequiel Garcia3-12/+8
2021-07-22media: hantro: vp8: Move noisy WARN_ON to vpu_debugEzequiel Garcia2-6/+20
2021-06-17media: hantro: add support for Rockchip RK3036Alex Bee3-0/+51
2021-06-17media: hantro: add support for Rockchip RK3066Alex Bee3-0/+123
2021-06-17media: hantro: merge Rockchip platform driversAlex Bee9-478/+402

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