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8 daysvhost-vdpa: uAPI to suspend the deviceEugenio Pérez1-0/+19
8 daysvhost-vdpa: introduce SUSPEND backend feature bitEugenio Pérez1-1/+15
8 daysvirtio-blk: Avoid use-after-free on suspend/resumeShigeru Yoshida1-14/+10
8 daysvirtio_vdpa: support the arg sizes of find_vqs()Bo Liu1-6/+9
8 daysvhost-vdpa: Call ida_simple_remove() when failedBo Liu1-0/+1
8 daysvDPA: fix 'cast to restricted le16' warnings in vdpa.cZhu Lingshan1-3/+3
8 daysvDPA: !FEATURES_OK should not block querying device config spaceZhu Lingshan1-8/+0
8 daysvDPA/ifcvf: support userspace to query features and MQ of a management deviceZhu Lingshan1-66/+76
8 daysvDPA/ifcvf: get_config_size should return a value no greater than dev impleme...Zhu Lingshan2-2/+13
8 daysvhost scsi: Allow user to control num virtqueuesMike Christie1-24/+61
8 daysvhost-scsi: Fix max number of virtqueuesMike Christie1-1/+1
8 daysvdpa/mlx5: Support different address spaces for control and dataEli Cohen2-11/+88
8 daysvdpa/mlx5: Implement susupend virtqueue callbackEli Cohen1-3/+80
8 daysvduse: Support querying information of IOVA regionsXie Yongji1-0/+39
8 daysvduse: Support registering userspace memory for IOVA regionsXie Yongji1-0/+141
8 daysvduse: Support using userspace pages as bounce bufferXie Yongji2-8/+96
8 daysvduse: Use memcpy_{to,from}_page() in do_bounce()Xie Yongji1-5/+4
8 daysvduse: Remove unnecessary spin lock protectionXie Yongji1-5/+2
8 daysnet: virtio_net: notifications coalescing supportAlvaro Karsz1-15/+96
8 daysvirtio: Check dev_set_name() return valueBo Liu1-1/+3
8 daysvDPA/ifcvf: remove duplicated assignment to pointer cfgColin Ian King1-1/+0
8 daysvdpa: ifcvf: Fix spelling mistake in commentsZhang Jiaming1-1/+1
8 daysvdpa/mlx5: Use eth_broadcast_addr() to assign broadcast addressXu Qiang1-1/+1
8 daysvdpa_sim: use max_iotlb_entries as a limit in vhost_iotlb_initStefano Garzarella1-2/+2
8 daysvdpa_sim_blk: set number of address spaces and virtqueue groupsStefano Garzarella1-0/+6
8 daysvdpa_sim_blk: call vringh_complete_iotlb() also in the error pathStefano Garzarella1-5/+9
8 daysvdpa_sim_blk: limit the number of request handled per batchStefano Garzarella1-0/+10
8 daysvdpa_sim_blk: use dev_dbg() to print errorsStefano Garzarella1-10/+10
8 daysvirtio_net: support set_ringparamXuan Zhuo1-0/+48
8 daysvirtio_net: support tx queue resizeXuan Zhuo1-0/+50
8 daysvirtio_net: support rx queue resizeXuan Zhuo1-0/+25
8 daysvirtio_net: split free_unused_bufs()Xuan Zhuo1-16/+25
8 daysvirtio_net: get ringparam by virtqueue_get_vring_max_size()Xuan Zhuo1-4/+4
8 daysvirtio_net: set the default max ring size by find_vqs()Xuan Zhuo1-4/+38
8 daysvirtio_mmio: support the arg sizes of find_vqs()Xuan Zhuo1-2/+6
8 daysvirtio_pci: support the arg sizes of find_vqs()Xuan Zhuo4-12/+23
8 daysvirtio: find_vqs() add arg sizesXuan Zhuo8-4/+12
8 daysvirtio_pci: support VIRTIO_F_RING_RESETXuan Zhuo2-3/+97
8 daysvirtio_pci: extract the logic of active vq for modern pciXuan Zhuo1-18/+28
8 daysvirtio_pci: introduce helper to get/set queue resetXuan Zhuo1-0/+39
8 daysvirtio_ring: struct virtqueue introduce resetXuan Zhuo1-0/+2
8 daysvirtio: allow to unbreak/break virtqueue individuallyXuan Zhuo1-0/+24
8 daysvirtio_ring: introduce virtqueue_resize()Xuan Zhuo1-0/+69
8 daysvirtio_ring: packed: introduce virtqueue_resize_packed()Xuan Zhuo1-0/+30
8 daysvirtio_ring: packed: introduce virtqueue_reinit_packed()Xuan Zhuo1-0/+12
8 daysvirtio_ring: packed: extract the logic of attach vringXuan Zhuo1-15/+10
8 daysvirtio_ring: packed: extract the logic of vring initXuan Zhuo1-11/+17
8 daysvirtio_ring: packed: extract the logic of alloc state and extraXuan Zhuo1-14/+34
8 daysvirtio_ring: packed: extract the logic of alloc queueXuan Zhuo1-29/+51
8 daysvirtio_ring: packed: introduce vring_free_packedXuan Zhuo1-0/+22

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