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authorDeborah Brouwer <deborahbrouwer3563@gmail.com>2021-04-21 20:27:54 -0700
committerHans Verkuil <hverkuil-cisco@xs4all.nl>2021-04-22 08:54:13 +0200
commit1ab369e80c6c313c15218f0b55174a81a8a82d19 (patch)
tree2d4d2ed2c4a75d2388a62454bc8ba07bb9246300 /android-config.h
parent82a21f594712395d46145fb3ccc397047f74c99e (diff)
cec: add invalid operand test for Audio Rate Control messages
Add a test in cec-compliance that sends an Audio Rate Control message with an invalid operand. Check that it receives a Feature Abort reply due to the invalid operand. Add a response in cec-follower to Feature Abort due to an invalid operand. Signed-off-by: Deborah Brouwer <deborahbrouwer3563@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Hans Verkuil <hverkuil-cisco@xs4all.nl>
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