tag name0.21-rc1 (5f8752b21c74bd5871c546ca0b43300a06a3ec73)
tag date2019-02-09 07:55:30 -0200
tagged byMauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab+samsung@kernel.org>
tagged objectcommit b43b2a87d0...
Bump version to 0.21-rc1
* ZBar is now using Travis CI for continuous integration tests * Convert INSTALL and README to markdown and update them * improve ZBar testing code and make easier to run the tests * Fix build with Clang * Add simple dbus IPC API to zbarcam. * zbarimg: display only the compiled symbologies * v4l2: make ZBar build and run on Kernels < 3.16 * configure.ac: The pdf417 code is incomplete. Warn about that * Add Debian packaging and Travis CI configuration * Add barcode examples for different supported symbologies * Several improvements at the building system * Add support for SQ code symbology * v4l2: add fallback for systems without v4l2_ext_controls which field * v4l2: use device_caps instead of capabilities * v4l2: make v4l2_request_buffers() more generic * release video buffers after probing and request them again when needed * Ignore ENOTTY errors when calling VIDIOC_S_CROP * doc/Makefile.am.inc: clean html generated files * Add --disable-doc configure option to disable building docs * Fix function protoype to be compatible with recent libjpeg * Wrap logical not operations into parentheses * INSTALL: warn that autoconf should be called before configure * code128: fix error logic * convert: ensure that it will not use a freed value * zbar: use g_thread_new() instead of g_tread_create() * zbargtk: add a missing break * gtk/zbargtk: add a missing check if zbar->window is not null -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJcXqPXAAoJEAhfPr2O5OEV6V4P/2M4ULFFFhky/vRvjUpQHe/X dVgY9q4SlvTAk0fAp2hskY0LdWF9FM4XxDc9WfYAGPNJNFozKfcaq7myEmQ8YzeM Oh63KT0O5bKPzp3/sK3i5VwIoK4MT9Ntymndd4tJmJFgP/M3t/waqj1qEL+F/Lg7 FB60M6QHiCshZ+5+7Q3zHxRgWTkBUvAWT3BOCmcmWkrGwkVwEB5OOnVH5h5tEDYT vrauzOB2huK9/U+SXM8uGE3tMDkPEVYFfYuVve8O3fi1cBAdqnu1AJLlEsHP/Dbq iNXWGUR+/sDWDeb4kSeoF3msaeHtTs3b1w36ZhVjua17/Q76ntdEUqptjAdinSoP xeDORiLjvYCD7X8WGTlksU5aARC3TCOOn+vJbVM9AbnRTp7pwg09CrPg6OYa9O32 9TFvnbruDwSZSEJ+DD5h3F4zJRARLJt9pLTdtkC4eOdc4GMsTk0RH16BDBAhQ8gN QniwMeruMvaWa7ygHwvj5umbL/nyofk3+YepaWBh+huKaElkYMcwGejYp7vZ+Wa3 Da1HthsuPZjZga6ekhb/L6EDrEXQmB3NLL4P4AZ3N+QwezIGfqXfUzo4CCOscYOi HD0gVE5tNKcBxTMah390S/SLKdI1qCZ0WgtAOWd7lIE0OaQYeLGqOYUSpJo+A0B4 hYt3qWiJs6L8lEdqJMqm =vs8+ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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